So, I was working on a presentation for another class… does this sound familiar?

I was working on this project and I have been looking at the most crazy pictures in some of the scariest places on the internet (that contain clothed people) and i came across something that I don’t know if most people know about (as I am usually behind the curve on trendy new fun websites to waste your time on)…

it’s called

and its not only scary, its pretty hilarious…

Basically it takes two pictures celebrities or just about anything and anyone, even the Mona Lisa and Yoda and ‘morphs’ them into one picture to see what it would look like.  It’s scary because in most of them you can clearly and distinctly see both faces in the new picture. 

here is David Beckham and Elvis Pressley…


check it out… it’s pretty hilarious what you’ll find.


4 Responses to “”

  1. kyledicke Says:

    Haha this site is awesome. Good find. I hope that someday it will allow you to upload your own pictures and morph them.

    Although you can do this pretty easily in photoshop it is nice to have a website that will do it for your quick and easy!

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  3. collinrl Says:

    I agree…good find! I’ve seen sites like this before but this one does a much better job of blending features together. This actually kept me preoccupied for about 20 minutes. Gotta say though…Albert Einstein and Anne Hathaway would not have pretty babies.

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